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Virginia Rangers

General Orders No. 30 War Department, Adjutant, and Inspector General’s Office Richmond, April 28, 1862 The following acts having passed both houses of Congress were duly approved by the president and are now published for the information of the army … Continue reading

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In Search of Justice

In 1885, Joseph Isaac Clanton, known to his friends as “Ike,” surrounded himself with men such as Lee Renfro, G. W. “Kid” Swingle, a man named “Longhair” Sprague, Billy Evans, and Ebin Stanley (Ike’s brother-in-law).  They were a scruffy lot, all … Continue reading

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Pancho Villa

… and the Punitive Expedition of 1916 ____________ Introduction Historical negationism is an intentional distortion of the historical record.  It attempts to revise the past by telling a different story about the people who participated in historical events.  In most … Continue reading

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Bondage & Deliverance

Introduction The term “brain drain” describes the large-scale migration of educated or highly skilled people from one country, economic sector, or field to another, usually for better opportunities or living conditions.  It may have begun during the Age of Exploration … Continue reading

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