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From the Porch Swing

Congress, by Paul Webb Chapman Following WW-1 Allied victors imposed great reparation penalties on Germany, including the requirement in gold or foreign currency.  Choosing to simply print money, inflation quickly got out of hand with serious political consequences.  Stories of people … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to All …

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A Sleepy America

Americans are now waking up to the realities of the progressive politics, but is it too late? If we are to save our unique American culture, then it will take more involvement by almost everyone.  A first step must begin … Continue reading

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Farewell Dear Family

Marriage equality was never about social inclusiveness.  It was about abolishing marriage as one of America’s most valuable social institutions.  It was an assault on the American family.  It was a door opened to the intrusion of the state into … Continue reading

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Institutional Assaults

Antonio Gramsci became the founding father of the Italian Communist Party.  Born in 1891, he founded a newspaper in 1919 called L’Ordine Nuovo (The New Order), wherein he stated that socialism didn’t go far enough because it lacked western appeal.  … Continue reading

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American Transition

At one time, we Americans were part of a society noted for its self-evaluation and correction.  That time is long past; we have now morphed into a society that readily accepts such abhorrent behaviors as totalitarianism, thought policing, and identity … Continue reading

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Leftist Propaganda and Modern Society

Recent themes have been to inquire into how it is that American society is so easily convinced to support political policies, even when such policies work against the long-term benefits of the American people.  The answer is sophisticated campaigns of … Continue reading

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Where America Went Wrong, Part II

Jacksonian changes amounted to a market revolution, for in the Northwest and Old Northwest, improvements in transportation and increased immigration hastened the collapse of the older yeoman and artisan economy; it was replaced by cash-crop agriculture and capitalist industrialization.  In … Continue reading

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Where America Went Wrong, Part I

If we wanted to find out where America started down the wrong political path, then one would have to return to those bitter days of the elections of 1824 and 1828.  These were the times of America’s dirtiest politics and … Continue reading

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The Value of History

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. —Winston Churchill We have all heard this expression so many times that its truth no longer registers with most people.  This is really a shame because … Continue reading

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