cropped-usmc-seal-001.jpgFollowing my retirement from the United States Marine Corps, I obtained a secondary teaching certification and taught high school for fifteen years.  I subsequently worked as a test developer and project director for a major testing development company on behalf of several states, including California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio, and Texas.  After full retirement, I worked as a free-lance test writer for three testing development companies.

Throughout my three-decades long military career, I was privileged to work for and with some of the finest Marines ever to don the uniform.  Were I to mention them all here, it would take several long pages.  Many of these Marines were very senior World War II and Korean War veterans.  A few of them became Marines even before the outbreak of war in 1941.  They were all good teachers and I am indebted to them, each and every one. Including one with whom I served at Camp Pendleton who I am sure will comment here from time to time, Lieutenant Colonel William C. Curtis–himself a mustang, who served from 1958 to 1990.  I can never repay his friendship or his mentorship.  And he has the negatives, so I can’t forget that.

My oldest and dearest internet friend blogs at Always on Watch.  We “met” in 2004; since then, I have been writing steadily (more or less) and presently author or contribute material to Fix BayonetsOld West Tales, and Bunkerville.

So … retired but not yet dead.  My sporadic posting of late is the result of increased travel to England and Western Europe.  This blog looks back into history to discover tales worth repeating.  I encourage my readers to comment but I must insist on civility.

8 Responses to About

  1. Looking forward to reading what you have to say, my friend.


  2. Imp says:

    I must ask if your travels have opened up new avenues for you? Does commenting from afar give you a new perspective that you might not achieve while you were within the mix?. And do we look different through those binoculars now? LOL


    • Mustang says:
      I enjoy talking with others, listening to their perspectives on a wide range of topics (not all political), but I do not seek to convince others that my own views are correct. I am who I am and doubt if, at this late stage, I will ever change. So yes … I have gained new insights, and I have walked through new doorways. I am also firmly convinced that most Americans do not deserve our wonderful land and I have to say that if any of our greatest generation could have imagined how the American people would evolve, they might never have gone to defend their countrymen.


  3. Elizabeth Kanas-Gonzalez says:

    You are a true gem. I have now words. Always liked you Mustang for your knowledge and honesty and for being so kind to welcome me back along with AOW by gracing my new blog. I am so thrilled and encouraged to be back blogging with you and AOW. It is my honor.

    Sempre fi


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