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Three-Legged Willie

Robert McAlpin Williamson (1804/1805–1859) was the son of Peter B. and Ann (McAlpin) Williamson, who was born in Clark County Georgia.  While a teenager, he encountered an illness that confined him to his home for two years and left him … Continue reading

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An Overlooked Lawman

Very few people know who Ahijah W. Grimes was —no, not even those who daily travel on the road named in his honor in Round Rock, Texas. Ahijah W. Grimes (called AW by his family and friends) was born in … Continue reading

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The Hoodoo War

When Africans were brought over on slave ships they brought their beliefs and practices with them, as all migrating people do. Their form of spirituality shared a commonality with other African religions and practices, which was an abiding faith in the … Continue reading

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Frontier Battalion

(Continued from last week) As mentioned in a previous post, Texas began to regain its states’ rights under the leadership of Governor Richard Coke aided by the Democratic Party in 1874.  Part of this recovery involved doing away with the … Continue reading

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Exit of the Scalawags

The election of Richard Coke[1]as governor changed the course of Texas for the next 120 years.  Completely fed up with the Reconstruction government imposed by federalists, Texans tossed out E. J. Davis (who initially refused to give up his office) … Continue reading

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