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The Sutton-Taylor Feud

Introduction People typically speak of culture as a peculiar group within the framework of human populations.  We often hear such terms as “French Culture,” and occasionally applied to much larger areas, such as “Western Culture.” Indeed, the French are unique … Continue reading

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The Sons of a Preacher Man

Introduction The only species on earth that dabble in politics are human beings.  Political activities are those associated with making important decisions for groups of people.  Within those groups, it is common to find individuals who seek to attain power … Continue reading

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Barney Kemp Riggs

There was a time in America when folks just up and died.  No one knew why … they just did.  No one in the mid-1800s knew much about influenza, cancer, congestive heart failure, or stroke.  And when they died, their … Continue reading

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A Tale of Southwest Texas

Texas was always — and remains today — a place best suited to Texans.  You can visit Texas, of course, and many people do enjoy a family holiday along San Antonio’s River Walk and visiting the Alamo (which looks nothing … Continue reading

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