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The Case of Tom Horn

Background Old West history books are filled with stories about large cattle ranches, the cattlemen that ran them, the long and dangerous trail drives that took months to complete, and the conflicts between cattle barons and small farmers and ranchers.  … Continue reading

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Mister Montana

Last week — … we examined the outlaw sheriff operating in and around Virginia City-Bannack, in the Idaho/Montana Territory.  This week, we will look at a man who some would argue was as bad as the outlaw sheriff, only better … Continue reading

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Three of a Kind

The story of Josie and Ann Bassett, and Etta Place ____________ “A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes, she’s a tramp.”  — Joan Rivers Introduction Years ago, Arthur and Fanny … Continue reading

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More Cattle — More Cattle Wars

Some background Florida’s cattle were the first in North America, brought here by the 1521 expedition of Ponce de Leon.  Cattle ranching began before the Seventeenth Century around America’s first city, St. Augustine.  When Florida became a US territory in … Continue reading

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America’s Bloodiest Range War, 1890 – 1916

Following the establishment of Mission San Fernando Rey de España in 1797, Spanish officials realized that they would require more land for agriculture and livestock.  They looked to the Santa Clarita Valley to establish their estancia.  Using this land necessitated … Continue reading

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