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Civil War Christmas

Shown right, Christmas Eve is an illustration by Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly, January 3, 1863. Introduction There is no worse time to be a soldier than the dead of winter.  Young men, older than their years, so far from … Continue reading

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Origins of the American Revolution

Introduction What most Americans know about their own country’s history is scarily nescient — although, to be fair, the fault for this lies at the feet of dismally educated teachers who offer their students the pablum of historical reinvention — … Continue reading

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British Ignobility

Introduction British colonial administrators were almost always members of the nobility — the peers and landed gentry.  But there were two groups of nobles: high nobles and everyone else.  In North America, the colonial administrators were mostly minor nobility.  Very few “high born” … Continue reading

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The One You Never Suspect

Experts on spycraft tell us that the best spy is the one you never suspect.  I would argue that it’s the one who never gets caught.  I asked the question, “Who were the best spies during the American Revolution?”  Among … Continue reading

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