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Spanish Texas —Part II

In 1718, the Spaniards situated their new mission midway between the East Texas presidios and the “way-station” mission at San Antonio de Valero near the San Antonio River —150 miles northeast of Coahuila. This was Tonkawa territory [1].  At first, the … Continue reading

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Spanish America

History is only valuable when presented in its unblemished condition. If presented in any other way, which is to say, watered down to placate the sensitivities of one group or another, then important lessons of history go unheeded, resulting in repeated … Continue reading

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The First Americans

According to a study conducted by sixty investigators in over 15 countries [1], touted as the most comprehensive survey of genetic diversity of Native Americans, most populations descend from one migration period (although two additional migration periods were also significant). … Continue reading

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Deputy US Marshal Bass Reeves

In the 1968 film titled Hang ‘Em High, Clint Eastwood plays the part of fictional Jed Cooper.  Cooper was an innocent man who survives a lynching in the Oklahoma Territory.  The year is 1889 and Jed is driving a small … Continue reading

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Bigfoot Wallace

By the time William Alexander Anderson-Wallace arrived in Texas (c. 1836), he was barely 19-years old.  This may seem a bit young for someone seeking his fortune and adventure in a wild and dangerous place, but it wasn’t young back … Continue reading

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The Brite Ranch Raid

Lucas Brite was born in Caldwell County, Texas in 1860. His father passed away when Luke was only 3-years old.  Life was hard in Texas under normal circumstances, harder still when the mainstay of the family died.  As a lad, Luke … Continue reading

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Stagecoach Mary Fields

Mary Fields (1832-1914) stood six-feet tall in her stocking feet, weighed 200 pounds, smoked cigars, cursed like a sailor, and would knock out any cowboy that gave her excess amounts of back talk.  She was also the first black woman … Continue reading

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The Frontier Ladies

Most people think of western migration as something that men did.  While true, we mustn’t forget that women endured the same hardships as the men. We should not ignore the vital roles these migrating women played in the development of early … Continue reading

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The Black Hawk War, 1832

There are a number of reasons people leave their traditional homes.  We generally refer to these as the push—pull factors of human migration.  Push factors might include weather phenomena, disease, an encroachment by stronger groups, insufficient food, water, or other … Continue reading

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Vigilantism: Justice for All

Jim Marshal, from Hopewell Township, New Jersey, was raised on the Round Martin Farm, known in1810 (and today) as Marshal’s Corner.  For whatever reason, Marshall decided to leave home in 1834 to seek his fortune. After spending some time in Indiana … Continue reading

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