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Conflicting Loyalties

The Story of William Wells We aren’t quite sure when William was born.  We think it was sometime in 1770 at a place called Jacob’s Creek in Pennsylvania; there is no record of his birth.  He was the son of … Continue reading

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Cowboy Hats

… and why folks wear them. Actually, they are WESTERN hats.  Worn out west.  But because they were popularized in the “cowboy” films dating from the silent era, people started calling them cowboy hats.  Of course, stockmen wore western hats, … Continue reading

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Let the games begin …

Many of the things we attribute to the old southwest tradition were handed down from other times, places, and cultures.  I want to discuss American rodeo, but I must first acknowledge the origin of modern rodeo events. Men have been … Continue reading

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The Sioux — Part I

Introduction What makes the study of Native Americans interesting, and challenging, is that there is no “one” human group to study.  There are many American Indian groups, and while they possess commonalities, the various tribes developed independently according to their … Continue reading

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On The Border

For three hundred years, Spain, France, and England asserted their claims over vast swaths of the North American continent.  They did this by sending soldiers, settlers, trappers, and merchants to plant their flags, construct fortifications and trading posts.  They signed … Continue reading

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A Texas-Canadian Cowpoke

Some Background Regardless of their diverse body types and coloration, scientists believe that all of the world’s cattle come from the humped cattle of Asia.  From Asia, cattle expanded to Africa and then introduced to the Iberian Peninsula by the … Continue reading

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A Texas Ranger could ride like a Mexican, track like an Indian, shoot like a Tennessean, and fight like a devil. McMullen County, formed in 1858 from Béxar, Atascosa, and Live Oak counties, sets around 74-miles south of San Antonio.  … Continue reading

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The Old West — and Independence Day

Soon after the signing of the American’s Declaration of Independence, criers were sent out to read the document to the public in several American cities.  It was a time of celebration for most people who cheered loudly when the document … Continue reading

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The Sons of a Preacher Man

Introduction The only species on earth that dabble in politics are human beings.  Political activities are those associated with making important decisions for groups of people.  Within those groups, it is common to find individuals who seek to attain power … Continue reading

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Barney Kemp Riggs

There was a time in America when folks just up and died.  No one knew why … they just did.  No one in the mid-1800s knew much about influenza, cancer, congestive heart failure, or stroke.  And when they died, their … Continue reading

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