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Boot Hill

A boot hill is defined as a burial ground, especially for men killed in gunfights, owing to the fact that they died with their boots on.  The definition belies the truth; not everyone who died with their boots on was … Continue reading

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The Texas Highsmith Family

Even under the best of circumstances, whether by land or sea, the passage into Texas was an arduous undertaking in the early times.  Families making the overland trip knew that they would face a plethora of challenges, so they prepared … Continue reading

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So Long, Everybody …

Who knows what gets into people?  You would think that good parenting would always produce off-spring who turn out to be good neighbors and someone their parents could be proud of —and this is probably mostly true.  It isn’t always … Continue reading

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The Best Indian Fighter

The United States Army developed a number of very fine officers between 1840-65.  Men who gained valuable experience in the Mexican American War and took that expertise into the American Civil War.  Many (if not most) of these men came … Continue reading

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The Dalton’s

Altogether, Lewis Dalton from Jackson County, Missouri, had eight sons.  Lewis was a saloon keeper in Kansas City when he married Adeline Younger, an aunt of Cole and Jim Younger.  Lewis and Adeline named their sons Charles Benjamin (1853-1936), Henry … Continue reading

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Ulysses S. Grant and the Quaker Peace Policy

A backdrop It is impossible to explain the substantial effects of the American Civil War in a few words in this or any other blog, but it may be sufficient to say that it was the power of the federal … Continue reading

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The Dumb Gray Fox

Whenever watching western films, particularly those produced between 1950-70, a standard line of dialogue in a hold up might begin with, “Hands up!”  The man actually responsible for this phrase was a real-life bandit by the name of George Anderson … Continue reading

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Mountain Men

A mountain man was a frontier explorer.  Many of these men travelled alone across the vast forested wilderness of what became the northwestern United States; a few travelled in small groups of two or three, but all these men survived … Continue reading

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The Masterson’s

The old west produced a number of legends, some of whom became famous in their own lifetime, others only after they were dead, and some of these fellows were only legends in their own minds.  As children, we were most … Continue reading

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The Elm Creek Raid

There are those who lament and deplore the atrocities foisted upon American Indians as Anglo-settlers moved westward through the present-day United States.  Looking at these events through the rose-colored lenses of the twenty-first century, one might argue that (a) white … Continue reading

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