Oh Church, Wherefore Art Thou?

As I have previously stated, we all have witnessed ongoing assaults upon our cultural institutions, and if you have read the previous essays in this series, you should understand not only why it has happened, but also the extent of the damage so far.  We know that part of the assault has been to force citizens to “conform” to the standards established by the communist left.  Now we will undertake to understand how the most important pillar of all is the target of leftist assaults.

Liberalism [progressivism] in religion is the doctrine that there is no positive truth in religion, but that one creed is as good as another… It teaches that all religions are to be tolerated, for all are a matter of opinion. Revealed religion [biblical Christianity] is not a truth, but a sentiment and a taste, not an objective fact, not miraculous; and it is the right of each individual to make it say just what strikes his fancy.  —Rev. John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

Money_Church-780892And so, it is.

In the quest for inclusion —a wider audience, as it were, western churches have adopted extreme liberalism, many policies of which place them in direct contravention of biblical teachings, and out of touch with their congregations.  As examples of this, one only need to look at the Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches, whose hierarchies are becoming radically progressive.  Added to this, the National Council of Churches (NCC) overtly supports socialist and Marxist causes, including those in Cuba and other communist regimes and movements in South and Central America.  Viewing the website of the NCC, one cannot help but to notice the adoption of these liberal politics and causes, including their acceptance of the global warming/climate change scam.  Liberal church leaders are now influenced by progressive politics, academia, and media; they no-doubt believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a committed socialist and now present Him in that context.  Mark Tooley, of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, charges that the National Council of Churches is no more than a surrogate for George Soros’ Move On organization.

“Bob Edgar has declared his personal support for same-sex marriage. He and other NCC leaders repeatedly criticize fellow Christians who defend the traditional definition of marriage.  In thus fostering the impression of an evenly split U.S. Christian community, the NCC serves the interests of its ‘progressive’ yokefellows who are campaigning for the legitimization of same-sex marriage,” …

normal familyAs I wrote last week, “Marriage equality was never about social inclusiveness.  It was about abolishing marriage as one of America’s most valuable social institutions.  It was an assault on the American family.”  From that landmark judicial decision, homosexual organizations have exerted extreme pressure upon the churches to conform to this new socialist ideal.  Today, or so it appears, there are but three hold-outs to this assault: The Catholic Church, Southern Baptists, and Mormons.

Several of our church conventions have continually struggled with the homosexual contentions at their national conventions, and have so far stood by the teaching of the Bible that sodomy was a sin. But the local activities have worked out differently.  As but one example of this, one Methodist church hired a lesbian minister, who in turn officiated homosexual marriages.  Neither local parishioners nor the national convention sought to remover her from the pulpit.  The move toward liberalism in both Methodist and Presbyterian churches continues.

Both Anglican and Episcopal churches in the USA and Canada remain at odds with one another over whether to accept sodomy, the hiring of homosexual ministers, and the question of homosexual marriages.  There are even liberal movements to re-write the Bible to remove proscriptions on such things as sodomy —but the situation is actually more severe than this: some “Christian” churches have completely forsaken every aspect of the Christian faith.  They more align themselves with the Islamic belief that Jesus was a prophet, not the son of God.  They also deny the teaching of miraculous conception and embrace Darwinism as a scientific fact.

The leftist assault on religion includes removing from parents any responsibility for teaching their children about sex; this is better done, they feel, in public schools beginning in kindergarten.  Added to this, young children are now taught that homosexual unions are normal; they encourage children to engage in masturbation; they argue that oral sex isn’t actually sex.  We can thank Bill Clinton for this revelation, but unhappily, such religious organizations as the United Churches of Christ and Unitarian Universalist Churches have become willing adherents to such nonsense.

The communist assault upon American institutions continues in full force.  We now understand why so many Americans have stopped attending church on a regular basis and for the progressive left, this has become a win-win situation.  Yet, most Americans are not even aware that it’s happening.

Series Summary

  • The ideological assault on traditional American values and our institutions is evident when a large number (perhaps, even, a majority) of Americans no longer trust their governments (federal, state, or local). True, the government still works —but not for or on behalf of the American people.  It is absolutely corrupt —and politicized far beyond anything imagined by our founding fathers.  One priority of government and politicians is self-preservation, accomplished by dividing us rather than to uniting us.
  • American citizens no longer trust a judicial system that fails to hold to account illegal aliens who murder our daughters, turns a blind eye to honor killings perpetrated by Moslem parents, ignores rampant polygamy within Islamic communities, and fails to prosecute egregious political corruption.
  • Mindful taxpayers no longer trust public educational institutions to properly educate their children, or prepare them for a fruitful, meaningful life as adults. Every public funded educational facility is now a brainwashing center, a fact the American left no longer denies.
  • Physicians and psychiatrists, in cooperation with leftist policy and programs, mindlessly over-medicate our children so that, as they progress into adulthood, they become the most-useful tools for leftist propaganda and ideology. Our children’s Ritalin-infected brains are no longer able to distinguish between chicken salad and chicken shit.
  • Our churches have assimilated the leftist mantras and no longer meet the spiritual needs of our people; as a result, Americans have withdrawn from regular church attendance in increasing numbers. The result of this, not surprisingly, is an increasingly immoral society —one in which neighbors no longer have empathy for one another.  We are today more divided than at any previous period in American history; our land is filled with hatefulness —ours has become a society within which we may not even express an honest opinion without being berated into silence.  Unable to engage in a meaningful dialogue, all of us are being led down the leftist path of awfulness to a place where the communist left desperately wants us to be.
  • We have for too long accepted the notion that the federal government is in a better position to administer charitable efforts than ourselves working through local community chests. The effect of this is the distancing citizens from one another at their most desperate time.  This separation leads many Americans to conclude that charity is no longer their concern: someone else will do it —the government will do it.  The result of this is that Americans have become less self-reliant and more dependent upon federal bureaucracies whose chief aim is to maintain their well-paid positions.  Among those of us who seek to maintain our independence and liberty, which is to say, to pursue our unalienable rights, we face one challenge after another.  The complexity of our society, or rather, where we have allowed the body politic to take us, causes many of us to throw up our hands in disgust —to withdraw into ourselves, even away from our loved-ones.  The new opium of the masses isn’t drugs; it’s social media and technology, where there is never any good news.

In furtherance of the foregoing, we are able to observe several striking parallels between modern America and the greatest Republic to precede us: Rome —which, as everyone may recall, collapsed upon itself.

  • As before, our society has become immoral. Our younger generations have far too many vices, lack virtue, and, in such things as their refusal to serve their country in some capacity, demonstrate cowardice.  Even at a young age, our citizens demonstrate petty envy of their peers, lack self-discipline and control —and this becomes worse beyond middle age. We have no time for our neighbors; whatever their problems are, it’s a government problem, not ours.
  • As before, our political system is irreparably corrupted; it has become the roadway to extraordinary personal wealth and its focus is no longer the people who sent them to govern, but on the enrichment of themselves at the people’s expense.
  • As before, this nation has placed itself on a continual war footing; we are either initiating conflict, recovering from conflict, or preparing to engage in another. This is not criticism of self-defense, but the fact is that since World War II, no conflict in which the United States has become involved was waged in the defense of its people —rather, it was waged in defense of flawed government policy and interests.  It is no more than a complete waste of our country’s limited resources.
  • As before, foreign powers and interests lavish great sums of money on our Republic’s leaders; national policy has been shaped to facilitate these fortunes and few of these interests serve the American people. Even our primary sources of “news” are shaped by international corporations and what we learn from these sources is what these foreign interests want us to know.  Few in America today are wise enough to see beyond the glitter of young news readers who possess the power to shape our emotions —and do.
  • As before, our middle class has collapsed, facilitated by cheap foreign labor and a never-ending stream of illegal immigrants. The loss of jobs in modern America under Democratic administrations is unparalleled in our long history.  Politicians and their corporate cronies are the primary beneficiaries.
  • As before, the power of the American people has been significantly reduced by the gerrymandering of state and federal legislative districts, large-scale voter fraud, and special interest groups.
  • As before, our system of checks and balances, our trust in our traditional institutions, our willingness to compromise on important issues, and government’s refusal to follow the US Constitution and Bill of Rights leaves the American people angry, frustrated, and dreadfully divided.

Is there anything we can do now to save America?  The judgment is not mine alone; it is ours.  We may be able to save our institutions from systematic destruction, but only by exhibiting thoughtful analysis of what politicians say to us.  We have to vote responsibly, put the right people into positions of leadership.  The bane of America today is our political party system —it must not be allowed to rule us further.  If we are to correct this infestation of corrupt politicians and equally dishonorable citizens, we must resolve to do only those things that is right for the nation, what is right for our neighbors, what is right for our loved-ones, and only then, what is right for ourselves.  These, I believe, are the only virtues that will restore us.

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11 Responses to Oh Church, Wherefore Art Thou?

  1. Kid says:

    Well, the story and conclusion are true and accurate imo. I can’t say I’m optimistic. Like if you have something that loses 50% of its value, you need its value to increase 100% just to get back to even.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John M. Berger says:

    “In the quest for inclusion —a wider audience, as it were, western churches have adopted extreme liberalism”
    So instead of the churches existing to save people from the certain ravages of Liberalism (in its present context) Liberalism is assuming control of the churches. If there really is a Devil, he must be all smiles over this situation!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. In the quest for inclusion —a wider audience, as it were, western churches have adopted…many policies of which place them in direct contravention of biblical teachings….

    I’m no expert on eschatology, but I’m thinking of the Book of Revelation.

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  4. Imyourhuckleberry says:

    I’m as sure there is a Devil as I am there’s a God. He must indeed feel especially proud during these times. Here is a great teaching on the Devils influence and power over the airwaves (news, movies, tv, internet, etc) and anything transmitted through the air. Sounds a bit crazy I know but makes a ton of sense.


    Another great article here and, as usual, spot on and hit out of the park.


    • Mustang says:

      One cannot believe in goodness without also believing in evil. Satan has found his niche … in leftist politics. I lament that more Americans are not aware of what is taking place in this land. I pray daily; I wonder if we are not already too far gone to receive God’s grace.


  5. “whose hierarchies are becoming radically progressive.” Not True.
    That happened years ago.
    BTW Pentecostal Churches, Assemblies of God and Church of God, are steadfast.


    • geeez2014 says:

      One doesn’t need to be from any of the churches you list to be steadfastly on the Gospel. No church I have attended has been close to most of what Mustang’s laid out, though he’s 100% correct on many (not all) Episcopal, Methodist, etc., churches.

      A close friend’s son is a Presbyterian pastor in an expensive Bay Area (San Francisco) church, a large, pretty wealthy church. When he got edicts about gay this, and gay that, he tried to fight it but the diocese owned the land/church…so he went to some of his congregants and they raised enough money to build new…and THEIRS, not having to abide by the liberal crap. Good stories abound…I cling to them.

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  6. Baysider says:

    We’re past the beginning of the end.

    When Habakuk complained to the Lord about the conditions in his country:
    “O LORD, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear?
    Or cry to you “Violence!”and you will not save?
    Why do you make me see iniquity, and why do you idly look at wrong?
    Destruction and violence are before me; strife and contention arise.
    So the law is paralyzed, and justice never goes forth.
    For the wicked surround the righteous; so justice goes forth perverted. ”

    The Lord said: “I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.
    I am raising up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, who march through the breadth of the earth, to seize dwellings not their own. …they fly like an eagle swift to devour.
    They all come for violence, …. They gather captives like sand.”

    This wasn’t what Habakuk had in mind! But it sobers me up in a hurry. Especially since I think the “Chaldeans” are coming … yea, here.

    Excellent series, Mustang. You’ve nailed it!

    Liked by 2 people

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