Farewell Dear Family

Marriage equality was never about social inclusiveness.  It was about abolishing marriage as one of America’s most valuable social institutions.  It was an assault on the American family.  It was a door opened to the intrusion of the state into matters that were once within the purview of parents.  A short review: in Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 US, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the fundamental right to marry is granted to same-sex couples.  It was a 5-4 decision.  Who on the court formed this majority?  Anthony Kennedy authored the majority opinion, joined by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan —all of whom have adopted Saul Alinsky’s predicate for social progress, and are joined by such activists as journalist Masha Gessen who declared war on the concept of marriage.

Broken FamiliesThe systematic assault continues through the adoption of policies within school districts that dictate to parents what they must allow in terms of sexual education, when courts dictate to business owners the limits of their religious expressions, and when scouting organizations adopt new-gender ideology.  One begins to wonder, then, what parent would allow their child to involve themselves in scouting organizations —and the answer is the kind of parent who has surrendered to the notion that government knows best — about everything.

Most conservatives would argue that an adolescent deserves to have a childhood, but this isn’t the view of the progressive left.  American communists now insist upon such things as social emotional learning, the product of the Consortium for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), which intends to dictate how our children should feel toward others: gay is natural, and an eight-year old has the right to become a member of the opposite sex.  What feeds such programs is identity politics, where there is no room for unique personalities and independent thought.

Now let me turn to the place where marriages take place —our churches and synagogues.  Dr. Bella Visono Dodd was a member of the Communist Party USA during the 1930s and 1940s.  Bella defected from the Communist Party in 1949, and later testified before the House Un-American Affairs Committee that one of her duties within the Communist Party was to encourage young radicals to enter Roman Catholic Seminaries.

We can associate several ideologies with this movement, including “liberation theology” and “black theology.”  Dodd’s testimony included the affirmation that high ranking church officials were targets of this Communist assault; she claimed to have encouraged 1,200 men into various seminaries.  That such efforts were (and continue to be) successful seems apparent in the attitudes and sermons associated with Jeremiah Wright, who famously preached, “God Damn America.”

But Dodd told us more than this; she identified widespread communist infiltration of labor unions, congressional staffs, presidential advisory posts.  These efforts, she asserted, including dialectical materialism, was intended to demoralize the American people to such an extent that they would one day no longer feel any sense of patriotism.

Today we find that the LGBT agenda has taken control of the Episcopal Church beginning the late 1980s; clergy adorning themselves in rainbow-clad vestments tell us an interesting tale about the success of these leftist efforts.  I would not be surprised to hear anyone from these pulpits declare that Jesus of Nazareth was himself a homosexual —and they’d no doubt get away with it because of their success so far in damaging theology and church doctrine, while concurrently undermining the American family.

The assault upon Church and family is a perfect plan; alternative theology either coopts the church community, or it has the effect of driving people away from God, and we can see the effect on families that have not raised their children to believe in God.  It is a win-win situation for leftists seeking to destroy our cultural institutions.  America is well on the way to a totalitarian state.

Return here again next week and I’ll pull the curtain back a little further.  Thank you for reading Thoughts From Afar.

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11 Responses to Farewell Dear Family

  1. Kid says:

    I wouldn’t want to be a kid today.

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  2. John M. Berger says:

    “I wouldn’t want to be a kid today.”

    Yes and I wouldn’t want to be reincarnated back here, in the future!

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