Institutional Assaults

Antonio Gramsci became the founding father of the Italian Communist Party.  Born in 1891, he founded a newspaper in 1919 called L’Ordine Nuovo (The New Order), wherein he stated that socialism didn’t go far enough because it lacked western appeal.  What was needed, he argued, was a robust communist movement focused on changing western culture—one that would require a long march through the institutions of society.  The goal would be to destroy these institutions from within society so that communism might fill the void.

Raised FistSaul Alinsky, self-styled community organizer, writer, and activist, may be best known for his work Rules for Radicals.  We may not agree with much of what Alinsky had to say, but we cannot deny that he profoundly influenced such politicians as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.  As with these identified politicians, Saul Alinsky was no patriot.  The only way to change American society, he argued, was to seize and hold all of America’s institutions.  Radical takeover has been going on now since the 1960s —and there is good cause to say that this conquest is nearly complete.  It is not hard to see the result of Alinsky’s and his followers’ efforts in the US military, national intelligence agencies, top law enforcement, American judiciary, media outlets, entertainment industry, and at every level of the American education system.

No American foundation has been more vigorously attacked than these institutions: family, church, and community service organizations … and it is because of the successes in destroying these foundations, American society has never been closer to achieving the so-called Mass State, which is itself needed in achieving a communist state.

We may look around us today and make the argument that communism in Russia and China was a complete disaster—and indeed, it was that— and if it was, then why should anyone fear its reemergence today?  Let’s take a look at that failure, shall we?

The creation of centralized planning required by socialist ideology necessitated an enormous concentration of power.  It would not be possible to allow the “old order” to wither on the vine; communists would require the authority to move the process forward.  Along with this authority came the ability to coerce people into giving up their private property, and then control the production and distribution of goods and services.  Famine and mass murder was the result of this authority.

The power necessary to establish and maintain communism in Russia and China in the early to mid-twentieth century attracted unscrupulous people; people not unlike any number of American politicians today who are working overtime to establish communism in the United States.  These American politicians, like Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, are willing to do whatever it takes to establish their odious ideology here in America … such as confiscating firearms so that the people cannot resist abhorrent policies.

Today’s brand of communist radical, which is to say those who are leading the assault upon America’s institutions, is one who argues that modern communism can be far different than its 19th and 20th Century model.  For example, such reasonable-sounding people will tell you that communism can work so long as a planned economy is democratic —and if the people do not like the communists who they previously elected to office, why— they can just toss the bastards out.  We might pause at this point to ask, “How’s that working out so far in American politics?”  How easy is it to get rid of someone like Senators McConnell and Schumer, or Representatives Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi?

A vibrant democracy requires effective resistance from the general population and from opposing political parties.  There can be no effective democracy in a one-party state —but a one-party state is precisely what American leftists are working toward.  It is not an accident that every established communist regime has suppressed opposition parties immediately after achieving power, and it is no happenstance that every communist government has stamped out its most valuable social institutions.

Return here again next week and I’ll pull the curtain back a little further.  Thank you for reading Thoughts From Afar.

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26 Responses to Institutional Assaults

  1. John M. Berger says:
    ” … people will tell you that communism can work so long as a planned economy is democratic —and if the people do not like the communists who they previously elected to office, why— they can just toss the bastards out.”


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    • Mustang says:

      Interesting site, John; I was particularly excited by the tab for “Tourism.” Yeah, give me a slice of that.


    • Jersey Jack says:

      That must be why the kid…Beerweiner ( ? ) took his trip to the wonders of North Korea,,,,he didn’t read the fine print on the brochure that said “death sentence for shoplifting an item belonging to the peoples “democratic” republic and will use you has a pawn and torture you to teach the great Satan a lesson and to never send a spy here to defame our great nation.

      Neither did the two UCLA rescued ghetto punks who had to steal some more Bling in China for gods sake…they couldn’t wait for a legitimate riot or an old lady to mug for some Loius Vuitton’s where they would have had the permission and blessings of all SJW’s because of 400 years of “oppression” and “racism” and all other “isms” the ACLU, NAACP, CBC, CAIR,MTV and BET could think of? These poor youts would have never been able to get a chance to play basketball…you know the nation would self-destruct if they were forever to be banned from the courts and be denied a chance to be Rhodes scholars too.

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    • Mustang says:
      @ Jersey Jack

      I was reading a bit of American history the other day. In colonial times, a young man age 14 was expected to leave the home nest and find his own way in the world. Today, we have “kids” remaining at home through their mid-thirties, and are covered by their parent’s medical plan through age 27. The consequence of this insanity is that we have “kids” who decide to visit North Korea and steal pictures of Great Leader from their hotel rooms; and when arrested, beg for the mercy of the US government to intercede. Somehow, “insanity” is not a strong-enough word.


  2. Imyourhuckleberry says:

    Excellent points, it’s shameful and mostly depressing that the rabid left supporters and never Trump-ers can’t see and understand these facts so clearly. Their Agenda is written out for everyone in black and white through history and their actions but the blind only hear their lies.

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    • Mustang says:

      The blind and the duped; I cannot underrate the impact of leftist education (brainwashing) on modern American society. It is hard for me to fathom the fact that hundreds of millions of parents sit idly back and allow this to happen. Multiculturalism cleverly disguised as Geography; revisionist American and World History; collective economics … it is all presented to children by leftists who proudly wear the Che t-shirts and spout Marxist talking points.


  3. John M. Berger says:
    “I was particularly excited by the tab for “Tourism.”

    Me too but it seems that there is, at least, one glaring omission, CUISINE. One would think that they would be particularly proud of the many innovative ways they have developed to prepare their main staple, GRASS! If only the rest of the World knew of this, people would flock from everywhere to partake of such epicurean delights!

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  4. Kid says:

    As defected KGB agent Bresmanov sattes “The active measures program was over-successful because now you have Americans doing it to other Americans. Not even comrade Andropov would have dreamed of such success.”

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    Literally an hour ago, I told a friend I was having coffee with that “Leftwingers say that socialism will work here, it’s just never been done correctly before”….we both had a great laugh…and almost wept, ot foucrse.

    Kid’s quote is hideous and true…..

    I add DRUGS to the scenario, Mustang….the more I hear the leftwing mouthpieces like Schumer and Pelosi, the more I see the Indoctrinating works of university profs and anti-fa (which is actually US because THEY are the fascists, not us, and WE are the ones fighting fascism), etc., the more I realize teens on drugs, mothers in Ohio basements on crack, minorities thriving on drug trade are like a constant weakening of our underpinnings….a destruction of American RESOLVE to work hard, to do better in school, to succeed on one’s one. All that you describe, this take over of communist-approving jerks, is made so much easier when they’re not thinking clearly. Maybe I’m being simplistic but I believe drugs were brought in for a purpose. Why else would we not see huge drug problems in Europe? And we don’t.

    By the way, and only slightly Off Topic, I HONESTLY believe Hillary Clinton has lost her mind….obsessed with the past, her loss, and even daring to mention sexual harassment…which is THE richest irony going.

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  6. Jersey Jack says:

    ” Why else would we not see huge drug problems in Europe? And we don’t.”
    I don’t think that’s all true true. Look at the Netherlands or Amsterdam that’s the mega pinnacle of the religious center of drugs and getting high legally. Where you don’t have a problem with drugs is in Asia….take Singapore…you get the well-deserved death sentence…and if we had any guts at all we’d stop this bullsheet of a “disease” and treat it like the crime it really is. Dealing drugs ought to merit the death penalty…no appeals….you get gassed or electrified…Period.That will end any drug problems in 5 years.

    This country used to be tough on crime…it was a no-nonsense judicial system. If you correlate the inability to prosecute objectively and not limited by PC and race especially, you’ll understand why crimes like drug dealing, robbery, rape, and assault are usually pleaded out rather than using a prison, where they belong. And now a majority of this crime is imported, which the likes of the scumbags like Pelousy or Schumer know, but it’s in their mandate to get the low-class immigrant vote & turn a blind eye to our true problem with low IQ criminal illegals. Trump was 100% right when he said we’re getting criminals….and when I hear these DACA whiners saying they want to “serve” in the armed forces, I say what… 000.001% of the near one million of these “kiddie” illegals?


    • Kid says:

      Drugs? Yea the 50 year war on drugs is working well eh? I’d say get tough as you suggest or legalize them all and give them away. Death sentence ofr anyone giving to someone under 18. It would cost a lot less and eliminate a lot of crime. And who cares about druggies – not me.


  7. Jersey Jack says:

    Thanks, Kid….I was getting freaking lonely here as the only chopped liver in the house.Who likes chopped liver anyway? NO ONE, that’s who!.


  8. Jersey Jack says:

    Ich bin so verdammt angewidert von diesem Land und ich glaube wirklich, dass wir alle eine andere Revolution wollen. Bannon tut es. Trump tut es. Sie machen. Das machen wir alle. Und trete Sessions aus und hole TREY GOWDY,


  9. Ben Stein’s movie, “Expelled” illustrates the Gramscian March through academia.


  10. Baysider says:

    “a one-party state is precisely what American leftists are working toward” is well put! They just want you to think there’s a difference. Iran is a perfect example – a true ‘one party’ state. Obama media shills saturated the American public with the idea that we had an “opening” to pursue his nuclear deal with them because they had opened away from the one party state. A complete fabrication, of course, but it illustrates that we instinctively understand a one-party situation is suspect. (Unless, of course, the “one party’s” initials are J.C.:) )

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  11. John M. Berger says:

    HELL NO! If anything we need a viable 3rd Party with enough support to really “drain the swamp”.
    Yeah, OK I’m not holding my breath but am just saying…………………………………….

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    • Mustang says:

      I think that what we are seeing is this: a very large group of people who vote-shift regardless of political party. I think this could be good for America. A formal 3-or more party system in our country would only mean that a president is elected by just over one-third of the votes cast … as in Mexico, which at last count has a 7-party system.


  12. Kid says:

    @JMB. Here is a reply to a comment I made on a Wash Times article. Her avatar makes her appear young. Imagine that at least some people get it.

    My comment:
    Trump Thought Balloon: Lets see, I have all the money I could ever want, a beautiful family and I’m almost 70. Should I enjoy myself and all those around me in my last part of the back nine, or should I subject myself, my family, and my businesses and their businesses to the libtard attack machine for the rest of my and their lives ? I think it’s pretty simple to figure out what motivates DJ Trump

    Her Reply:

    I love president Trump..he is our mosses ..
    God has truly sent him…
    he knows his path in life now…
    I think what woke him up to run and this is my opinion is when Obama ripped him apart at a dinner party for about 1/2 hour adult bullying Trump… I could see in his face that he was thinking you will get yours buddy and I will expose you for all you are.
    Trump has seen it for MORE THAN years and knows exactly whats going on…. the gov has been bought out for over 30 years the powerful rich elites the pharmaceuticals and the drug lords .. and other big companies…
    there is so much evil going on it would make you sick to your stomach… the pedophile ring alone is horrifying…

    the hate for Trump alone makes them all look so guilty… and soros who worked with Hitler said he wants new world order…he is part of the problem not only in America but in 90% of the world..
    the Muslims coming over was no accident … the bushes (who BTW are into the Illuminati big time) set out to start a war over there knowing the Muslims would flee to other countries..
    the media is run by soros /Clinton’s and a few of the Muslims… they hate America and all she stands for..they have made the media into a soap opera and it is no longer the news media but an opinionated source of gossip!!!!. hunni it is going to get worse before it gets better ,,,all we can do is pray pray pray,,,especially for out leader who is carrying a very heave cross..God bless you xoxo
    10:34 a.m., Sunday Nov. 26 | Other comments by sandra_marie

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  13. John M. Berger says:
    “3-or more party system in our country would only mean that a president is elected by just over one-third of the votes cast”

    I think that the American Revolution was supported by only a third (1/3) of the population, at the time. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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    • Mustang says:
      You are correct, but there was a peculiar dynamic then that doesn’t exist today. There was the one-third of the population who were clearly loyalist, and about that same number of individuals who were supportive of maintaining conventional ties to the United Kingdom, but who also realized that there was very little they could do to change the course of the revolution, once started. Today, given our political climate, a three or more party system would hand the reigns of government to a Congressional coalition. Coalitions work well until they fall apart … and there is a mechanism for this in parliamentary legislatures. In these circumstances, if you think the congress is gridlocked now, you haven’t seen anything yet. As for the presidency, imagine a John Kerry elected by 35% of the voting public, with 65% of the American people completely opposed to anything he would do as president. I would imagine his entire tenure in the oval office would be that of a lame-duck presidency.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    ” Coalitions work well until they fall apart”


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