Where America Went Wrong, Part II

Jacksonian changes amounted to a market revolution, for in the Northwest and Old Northwest, improvements in transportation and increased immigration hastened the collapse of the older yeoman and artisan economy; it was replaced by cash-crop agriculture and capitalist industrialization.  In the American south, a cotton boom revived diminishing levels of planation slavery, which had then spread to occupy the finest lands of the region.  In the west, Jacksonians seized Native American lands, opening new areas for cultivation and land speculation.

As with most democratic administrations, not everyone benefited equally, least of all non-whites.   Jacksonian Democracy grew from the tensions it generated within white society.  Mortgaged farmers and non-slave-owning farmers in the south sensed that Jackson’s policies would bring new forms of dependence on the federal government.  They were right.

Jacksonian democrats developed an ideology aimed primarily at voters who believed themselves injured by market capitalism.  They posited that the American republic could not long survive without citizens of economically independent means.  The Jacksonian argument was that the history of humankind involved a struggle between the few and the many, instigated by greedy rich people looking to exploit the vast majority of “common, decent folks.”

The weapons of choice in this argument were the notion of equal rights and limited government, which they believed should be the prohibition of wealthy capitalists enriching themselves.  In order to achieve this, they commandeered, enlarged, and plundered public institutions.  The argument was based on the proposition of white male equality. Nativism struck them as a hateful manifestation of elitist puritanism.  The moral, they argued, should not impose righteousness on others (presumably, the immoral).  The mission of Jacksonians was to purge society of privilege.

True to American form, there was considerable opposition to Jacksonian politics … manifested within a cross-class coalition.  It saw capitalism as the embodiment of civilized progress.  It did not pit the few against the many.  Rather, carefully guided economic growth would provide “more” for everyone.  This notion was provided by evangelicals who saw moral reform as a preferred cooperative effort designed to relieve human degradation and expand national wealth.

Anti-Jacksonians (Whigs) were opposed to imperialism as much as they resisted a tyrannical Andrew Jackson.  They believed that more than political equality, personal decency and industriousness would determine the success or failure of this new land called America.

Voting 1828It is at this point we should wonder who the Jacksonians and their opponents were talking to.  Contrasting then with now, we might further wonder who the neo-Liberals (nee Progressives) are talking to today.  In Jacksonian times, the main audience were illiterate country-folk easily manipulated by the promise of government munificence.  In modern times, the main audience is under-educated urbanites easily manipulated by the promise of government munificence.

In fairness, these changes in thinking weren’t confined to America alone; it was a global revolution in thinking and one that remains with us today.

The two camps are easily identified: classic liberals are those who seek to maintain the enlightened ideas of the American revolutionary period, which emphasizes individual liberty, equal opportunity, a well-educated capacity for deep thinking, and personal responsibility.

In contrast, neo-liberals are those who seek to maintain the unrealistic ideas of the Communist revolutionary period —emphasizing such collective notions as social justice[1], group think, equal outcomes, and blaming the system for personal failures.

This, then, is the Democratic Party of 2017 —it is what at least half of America has come to today.  Within a majority of our highest institutions in learning, mind-numbing conformity and a general acceptance of the comical nonsense of communism has replaced genuine thinking and a quest for discovery.

How one gets into college today is not so much by their academic qualifications as it is by such nonsense as affirmative action placement.  Then, once in the classroom, unqualified students become the playthings of Marxist professors.  Now we are able to see how our legal profession, government, and academia are filled to over-flowing with such large numbers of unintelligent people, and how our people have become so utterly dogmatic.

HRC 001At least, now we can see how we ended up with such people as Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Podesta, and orchestrating this pack of wolves is none other than George Soros.  On that note, however, given her national footprint, how does one explain the remarkably blank resume of Hillary Clinton?  She was a senator, and our Secretary of State—but we should wonder, on what basis was she elevated to such lofty positions?  To this we should add that, as she was unable to keep her husband satisfied, she even failed miserably as “first lady.”  No one in this country is better scripted than Hillary Clinton, and yet millions of people lined up behind her hoping to propel her into the White House.  God help us!

America’s Democratic Party is a national disgrace —but at least now we know where it came from.  I suppose the real question is, what do Americans intend to do about this stain on our honor?


[1] Whenever anyone hears someone blathering on about social justice, they should think of Stalin’s confiscation of private farms and organizing them into agricultural collective arrangements.  Even at the point of a gun, every single one of these collectives was a total failure—and one that resulted in the starvation of millions of people then living in Communist Russia.

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12 Responses to Where America Went Wrong, Part II

  1. Kid says:

    If we can seriously make voter fraud impotent, we will find out just how many dust bunnies for brains individuals are voting and how many illegal votes may have been cast to this point. We will begin having landslides for republicans and even moreso, for Conservatives who challenge useless republicans in election after election. It’s a revolution. The pilot light is lit. What sort of flame will occur? I can’t wait until mitch mcchuckles is out of the senate, back in his home in Kentucky, and still looking like nana pelosi just stuffed a sex toy up his backside. Ditto Ryan and many other rinos.

    I hope I didn’t over-excite any male homosexuals needlesly. If I did – Meh.

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    • Mustang says:
      We can’t make voter fraud impotent—only state governments can do that. What we can do is put pressure on state legislatures to pass laws that make voter fraud impossible. So far, or so it seems to me, no state in this country sees this as a problem worthy of the kind of money it will take to unscrew it. Let me explain: we have the technology today to identify every person by their finger prints. This isn’t a matter of forcing people to make their finger prints available to the government, it would only apply to people who wish to vote. Scanned finger prints will positively identify every voter, which is what we need and want.

      Now ask yourself why states are not willing to spend this money as an investment in voting protocol. The answer is that state politicians benefit directly from fraudulent voting. So, we need the people to put that pressure on politicians at the state level … and if not, then this problem will never be solved.

      Copy your meh.


    • Jersey Jack says:

      Well done Cincinnati Kiddo…really well done. I’m wasting my time here when others are so much more articulate. I’ll read…and let you guys talk…Okey dokey? Maybe Mitch is better cleaning the horse shit out of his barn back home in Kentucky…..he sure can shovel it in DC.


    • Kid says:

      Jersey, that’s crazy talk man. You always do much better than I.


  2. John M. Berger says:

    “More young people voted for Bernie Sanders than Trump and Clinton combined — by a lot”

    While Sanders isn’t mentioned in this post, his support among, so called, Millennials is irrefutable proof of the assertion: “once in the classroom, unqualified students become the playthings of Marxist professors”. Yes: “the comical nonsense of communism has replaced genuine thinking and a quest for discovery”. If “thinking and a quest for discovery” were even partially pursued, nuts like Sanders wouldn’t even garner the time-of-day from a potential electorate. Sadly, this is not the case and as demographics will find these “Useful Idiots” becoming the majority, this Nation will become unidentifiable as we have known it. I hope to God I’m wrong!

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    • Mustang says:
      I hope you’re wrong too John, but I feel as if you’re right. In fifty years, no one alive today will recognize America. For me, it won’t matter … but it pains me to think of the plight of future generations.

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    • Jersey Jack says:

      Sorry, Mustang as I rarely disagree. But I couldn’t give one rats ass for one living millennial today…it’s their mess, they voted for this insanity, they believe that free speech is violent and dangerous…they hide from the truth, are too immature to tie their own damn shoes let alone think about being future “leaders”. They disgust me and I think all of us here might agree…But we were too meek and passive when the time came for us to act. We sat back and did just what I’m doing now…this forum is important in its service to give us more facts and history that too many of us hadn’t a clue about and needed to know and to learn. That’s what you do here for us…teach us just how fragile this republic is and you give us a magnificent gift each Friday or whenever you decide to post. I’m not alone when I say I eagerly await them each week.

      I do not believe we’ll ever get this country back in our lifetimes. In our desire to give our kids the best that we could….no strings attached….no expectations…no moral bindings or boundaries. No consequences or objectives. Not one-bit of meaningful leadership, nor guidance. We have missed or ignored all the cues coming out of their mouths and from the mouths of those we turned their lives over to. We have allowed babies to vote…to graduate from high schools with GPA’s of 2.0 or less and moved them into a more expensive daycare centers to be indulged and groomed for either domestic terrorism, anarchy or violent revolution against those who we entrust to keep the peace and enforce the laws.We see them standby with their arms folded while crimes are being committed right in front of their eyes. We have allowed cities to descend into utter chaos and monstrous murder dens where it’s citizens die and are attacked and killed more often than our troops in combat. Who we should withdraw from all foreign entanglements and ill-conceived nation building for 4th world savages. And bring our troops home to guard and protect us here. It’s been clear for the last few years now … that the police do not or actually cannot, perform their sworn duties…as they’re too terrified to act for the real fear of the political repercussions they have to contend with. And even worse…we have actually witnessed one goddamnable state just declare itself to be a..”sanctuary state”??!! WTF?
      How many more are going to follow now? A state actually refuses to obey Federal Law regarding ILLEGAL MIGRANTS? NON CITIZENS? CRIMINALS? They have actually made lawlessness…legal? Why should any state get away with this one step more towards anarchy and civil war against our central government?
      California should be blockaded, surrounded, it’s federal funds stopped immediately, and as far as I’m concerned…its capital invaded and every lawless “lawmaker” in that capital arrested and charged with treason. But, we’ll just sit by and wonder why state after state after state will fall into the same lawlessness and political anarchy over…3rd world monkeys who ruined their own”countries” and will suck us totally dry. We can’t expect them to earn citizenship….or god forbid force them to learn our language…or worse yet work to have to pay back the government…we’d be racists then, right? Why yes..we fear that more than we fear one more drunken monkey behind the wheel of a stolen, or unlicensed car totally sheet faced and kills another citizen while here illegally and having been deported 5 times previously.

      We’re a joke these days…a country of fat stupid Wal Mart and K-Mart shoppers only concerned about our next Happy Meal. We deserve a SanderClaus or another Clinton.

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    • Mustang says:

      You won’t get any arguments from me, Jack …


  3. John M. Berger says:

    “it pains me to think of the plight of future generations.”
    It pains me as well but as they are “frog boiled” into the coming Hell; will they even realize what’s happened? Perhaps some sort of human nature gene, that is now dormant, will awaken to save them. I hope so. In the meantime I’m thankful that, all things considered, [WE] have been able to live in, arguably, the best time in known history.

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    “In modern times, the main audience is under-educated urbanites easily manipulated by the promise of government munificence.”
    Man, if THAT doesn’t sum it up.

    Jersey, I hope you’re wrong, but I fear not.

    I don’t see us coming back to the country our founding fathers foresaw…heck, I don’t see the country my own father foresaw anymore. Kids are lost, but you should have heard 3 of the boys I subbed for yesterday …talking about Lockes and Hobbes….TRUE conservative values, these 3 kids had.. I felt great till I asked Nico privately.. “So, Nico.;..how many of your friends share your way of thinking!?” “Not many, Mrs. Z, not many.”


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  5. Kid says:

    We will have (well America-I won’t be around) to have another revolution. America will have to seperate itself from the democrats once again if it wants America back. There is no uniting that is going to occur. The farther apart we grow, the fast we grow farther apart. At some point, you have to call the manager over and demand he get those squealing kids out of his restaurant if he wants his business to survive.

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