Modern American Society, Part I

good-versus-bad-thumbI always struggle with this notion of good vs. bad.  How we define each of these must be subjective, particularly since we would probably disagree about what they mean.  Is a “good boy” someone who is well-behaved and obedient to his parents, or is it someone who merely takes on that appearance, having yet to be caught stealing money from his mother’s purse?

With society, I think we could nearly all agree about what a good society is —it is one in which we easily find justice, equality in treatment and of opportunity, general obedience to the rule of law, good citizenship (civics) … and most people doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  We might also agree that a good society is one in which neighbors look after one another, and one in which everyone is willing to do their fair share: everyone has a job; everyone pays their fair share in taxes; everyone takes a turn at jury duty.

Of course, in modern society, not everyone has a job and not everyone wants one.  We can thank Lyndon Johnson for that … as he gave us the least greatest society ever in the history of the United States.  He gave us social reforms that forced us to look at people differently; he gave us the soft bigotry of low expectation, told people who do work that they had to support those who don’t … and he demanded voting rights on behalf of people who know little of any political candidates beyond their party affiliation.

Idle hands 001Let me say that I find a lot of wisdom in the Bible.  Proverbs tells us in Chapter 16, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.  An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends.  Wickedness loves company, and leads others into sin.”  Allowing people to remain at home while receiving benefits paid for by others seems a very bad idea to me.  What do these people do, who stay at home while other’s work?  Theirs’s are idle hands and what we find in extremely large numbers is alcohol consumption, drug abuse, deep depression, psychotic behavior, upsurges in crime against persons and property, and increasing numbers of pregnancies (most of these out of wedlock).  Along with the latter, we can note a large number of abortions paid for by the American taxpayer.

Nothing that appears in the above two paragraphs would seem to denote a good society.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  Economic opportunity doesn’t matter if large numbers of people refuse to take advantage of those opportunities —as, for example, staying in school.  Why are so many people refusing to avail themselves of economic opportunity in this land of milk and honey?  The truth is that large numbers of people refuse to work because we are paying them to stay home —and more than this, we are paying them to have more babies out of wedlock.

America’s founding fathers wanted a society that provided liberty and justice for all.  In practical terms, this is no more than a slogan useful to interests on both sides of the political spectrum.  The fact is that liberty and justice is only obtainable when people seek the good, and repudiate the bad.

Plato Quote 001Plato, who lived between 428—348 BC, speaks to us from the grave; and he tells us that if we are not good citizens, then we must be denied a good life.  Still, how do we define such things as “good citizen,” and “good life?”  I suppose someone could make the argument that a good life includes one paid for by others —which is to say, good is that thing that serves “me” best— but this is hardly a traditionally western value.  But then, neither is the view that there are never enough things to make us happy.  This attitude, foisted upon us by a series of commercial advertisements aired 24/7-365, drives hard-working people into debt; their personal greed leads them into slavery; they relinquish their liberty by turning themselves over to banks.  And, of course, it is never “our” fault, is it?

Another ancient philosopher was Aristotle (384-322 BC); he believed that free men must be responsible for their actions (whether voluntary of involuntary) and their behaviors … so that any fault we attribute to people with weak character must be theirs alone.  Aristotle would argue that society is not to blame for the consequences of idle hands; if society has no blame, then society should not have feed, clothe, and house members of society who are too stupid to take advantage of a free education, or too lazy to get a job.

Yet, we like to think of ourselves as living in a free society —which Americans traditionally define as an environment within which we encourage one another to do the right thing.  Ours is a just culture, which is to say a civilization guided by laws; a society guided by tolerance, mercy, and understanding.  We base our rule of law, by the way, on fundamental moral truths that are easily understood by all concerned.  Our freedom is neither a commodity manipulated by dictatorial bureaucrats, nor a vacuum for anarchists.  Our liberty is priceless —particularly when one considers how many lives have been lost in order to guarantee it.  I look at it this way: freedom is a God-given right, often paid for in blood of young men and women who were willing to stand up to evil.  Liberty comes from human beings making the right choices for themselves.  There is no liberty sitting home waiting for a welfare check.

(To be continued)

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21 Responses to Modern American Society, Part I

  1. John M. Berger says:

    “We can thank Lyndon Johnson … as he gave us the least greatest society ever in the history of the United States.”
    Many times I’ve imagined [him] skewered on a rotisserie in Hell going around and around and around … and around! I’m not sure exactly when our downfall started but it was during his era that I first noticed it. Nevertheless, while he was the embodiment of evil, he didn’t rise to POTUS all by himself.

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    • Mustang says:
      Lyndon Johnson was a thoroughly bad actor, John. I’ve been to his library in Austin, and I’ve listened to his taped conversations with people outside the White House. I’ve also read several books about this snake in the grass —a man who was a gangster in the purest sense of the word. Anyone standing in his way might easily find themselves turning up blue bonnets in a remote pasture, which come to think about it, is exactly what happened to JFK. You’re right … Johnson didn’t get into the White House by himself; he had the assistance of people on a grassy knoll and nimrods too stupid to be trusted with something important as voting.

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  2. Kid says:
    LBJ was the worst president ever based on sticking the USA with life sucking problems which to date are unsolvable. Welfare/WIC, Destroy Social Security, Viet Nam, God knows what else.

    Clinton comes in a close 2nd. Carter and Obama are on a par in that both were libtard bumblers, socialists, anti-American, and more especially with obama, but their actions have been and can be reversed.

    The welfare society is a cancer in America. Clinton helped with that too by sending all the jobs low education people would be working (Mfg jobs) out of the country. The jobs left available to them don’t compete with the welfare/WIC and food stamp benefits so why would they even aspire to get a job.

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    • Mustang says:
      You won’t get an argument from me about that, Kid … but as bad as Johnson was, we have to think that Johnson was merely the icing on a rotting cake. What kind of people vote for the likes of this thug, or Carter, or Clinton, or Obama … blows my mind. My view is that Johnson realized how corrupt our society has become and he took advantage of it. So then, when will the American people tire of being taken-advantage of by such filth as those I’ve mentioned, above?


  3. John M. Berger says:
    “LBJ was the worst president ever ”

    He was just the “worst’ that ever happened to this country” But [his] legacy , somehow lingers on. I wonder if there is a place in Hell for him as he deserves! OMG that’s where [he] belongs.

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    • Kid says:

      When someone has this much of a profound negative effect on [espeically] this many people around the world, there must be a consequence in the after life or there is no God.


    • Mustang says:
      If his legacy lingers, then we need to double-down to dispel any incorrect ideas about Johnson. We can call it our “Thug Fest.”


  4. Jersey Jack says:

    “LBJ was the worst president ever based on sticking the USA with life sucking problems which to date are unsolvable. Welfare/WIC, Destroy Social Security, Viet Nam, God knows what else.”

    Whoa,whoa…let’s not forget LBJ’s willing dunce and just as corrupt appendage in the Senate..I refer you to Ted ( the Swimmer ) Kennedy. Surely his hand has left the most negative and profound mark on America to this day . I believe that this devil, this evil personified, single handidly, destroyed the future of this country! Oswald was next.

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    • Mustang says:
      There were a lot of leftist scum when LBJ was in the White House, including, as you pointed out, Ted Kennedy and along with him, the bitches Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, Mark Rudd, Laura Whitethorn, Eldridge Cleaver, Hillary Clinton, Richard Cloward, Frances Fox-Piven, Obama’s mother Ann Dunham and his biological father, Frank Davis, Angela Davis, Charles Manson … the list goes on and on. All of these people were in positions to influence the thinking of young people (mostly those whose brains never completely formed for another ten years) … and many of these nimrods remain with us today, only now in positions of power and influence in the US government. The only one of the bunch who made good was Charles Manson; at least we know where he is today. God help us!

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    • Jersey Jack says:

      Mustang…I remember each and every one of them….the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Weathermen, Abby Hoffman, Mark Rudd…Kent State, the sit ins the bombs…the bomb makers in the Village who came out after being swept into zip locked bags to collect what was left of them. Terrorists all. And Fonda and Kerry’s traitorous slander out troops at war….and had the audacity to salute and say “Reporting for Duty in 2004?
      Some really grotesque, crazy people and times Mustang. Thanks for the “like” too.

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  5. geeez2014 says:
    Excellent, Mustang….you said (among other great points) “Yet, we like to think of ourselves as living in a free society —which Americans traditionally define as an environment within which we encourage one another to do the right thing.”

    I”ll never forget when Ducky came to my post about 10 years ago and said “Who says that’s the right thing?” And I thought “This is a sea changer…there are people who actually don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.”

    And do I think all atheists do wrong because they don’t believe in God? NO. But do I think a huge majority of Americans do the right thing because they feel shame, or their conscience, or just “knew” something was the wrong thing to do? YES…and that has a lot to do with faith. Which is diminishing along with the diminishing of common sense, kindness, shame, guilt, and all other things that keep a society ‘free’ from trouble.

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    • Mustang says:
      Culture refers to the views of human beings, their attitudes, their values, and their behavior. These are practices shared by a group; their interpretation of morality is influenced by norms, which tell them what is right, and what is wrong. Cultural relativism, the belief that there is no singular truth upon which cultural values are based, is entirely hedonistic. Ducky is nothing if not a hedonist —someone who believes that personal pleasure is the highest good and the proper aim of human life. What this means is that Ducky (and those of his ilk) are idiots and parasites to productive society. To the extent that these views harm others by denying them the ability to live happy, fulfilling lives, is pure evil.

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  6. John M. Berger says:

    “Ducky (and those of his ilk) are idiots and parasites to productive society.”
    Yes, as they express great antipathy, in a very condescending manner, toward the very host(“productive society”) from whence they gain their sustenance. If this isn’t a manifestation of mental illness; what is it?

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    • Mustang says:
      Progressivism (Neo-liberalism) is a mental illness. It is a political persuasion populated by psychotics.


  7. Mustang,
    Interesting that you mentioned Charles Manson in one of your comments.

    Back when I was in college (1968-1972), he was the hero of many on campus. Hell, they even ran around taking up a collection for “Charlie”! “Free Charlie,” they chanted — in almost Gregorian chant intonations.

    The rest of us looked at that ragtag group as if they were aliens.

    I estimate that about 10% of the student body idolized “Charlie.” Really bizarre, in particular because that particular campus could hardly be called Leftwing.

    Back then, I didn’t know what I was seeing. But I do now! Nihilistic Leftists.

    Today, “Charlie” would fit right in with Antifa, Alinskyites, etc.


    • Mustang says:
      I’m doing an inquiry right now into Operation Trust … a false flag scheme by the Bolsheviks in the 1920s designed to convince western governments that “TRUST” was an patriotic anti-Bolshevik movement designed to overthrow the communist government in the emerging USSR.

      Not only was this operation highly successful as a false-flag operation, it was also fruitful in gaining millions of dollars from western governments, ostensibly to fund the anti-Bolshevik movement, but in reality, funds that were used to fund the Russian secret service, which by then had hundreds of secret agents placed in high positions in the US, British, and German governments.

      As an aside, we should now wonder whether Palmer was making an attempt to rid the US of these Soviet agents (underground communists and anarchists), dedicated as they were to destroying American society and government. Perhaps leftist revisionists have intentionally mischaracterized the Palmer Raids to gain sympathy (particularly among under-educated and lied-to American high school students) for what evolved as the American communist left. I believe this deserves a critical eye in order to understand the genesis of the Neo-liberal movement today.

      Sound interesting?


  8. John M. Berger says:


    “moving forward or onward ”

    Sorry; not in the context of today’s vernacular.


  9. “LBJ was the worst president ever “.
    Plenty of candidates, starting with Wilson, through FDR, then Johnson, Carter (seemingly almost benign in comparison) and then Obama.

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    • Mustang says:
      IMO, what makes LBJ the worst was that he enriched himself from the Vietnam War. Wilson, loving the notion of absolute power over the American people, was merely being what he was —a national socialist. Wilson is the one who nicked the progressive movement from TR (whose political motives I have often questioned), and Hoover tended to adopt the mantra of “social justice” (pure nonsense) and FDR expanded that into American collectivist policies and programs. The only difference between Stalin and Roosevelt was in the number of people who died so that each could retain absolute power over the people, and the only difference between Roosevelt and Hussein Obama was skin color. I can’t say that Carter was an evil man while he served as president —only a very stupid (by which I mean, very dangerous) man. As one of America’s self-loathing peanut farmers, Carter did eventually come around to embrace Leninism, however.

      Yes, indeed, American leftist politicians should make us all very proud of notre grand experience.

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    • This post is linked in a post I just put up concerning FDR.


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