A Price to Pay

A young woman decided to take a walk with her father one early evening.  It was just a little over two years ago.  They were walking along the Embarcadero in San Francisco … near Pier 14.  I’ve been there and it is quite lovely.

Suddenly, a shot rang out and the young woman fell to the ground; a bullet had pierced her aorta.  Her father quickly administered the lifesaving steps until paramedics arrived.  Within a short time, the young woman was transported to San Francisco General Hospital.  She died there two hours later.

This isn’t a commentary about guns.  It is a commentary about justice.

Despite the passage of two years, the murderer of Kate Steinle continues to await trial.  It is —justice delayed.  It is —justice denied.

The law protects her murderer, but not Kate.  In fact, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez has all sorts of rights now that he’s been charged with Kate’s murder: the right to remain silent, the right to an appointed attorney, the right to a fair trial, protection from cruel or unusual treatment, and —while we’re at it, the right to disregard immigration laws, evade federal immigration officials, and the right to demand sanctuary from deportation proceedings inside the city of San Francisco, the right to free room and board for the rest of his life —all of this at the taxpayer’s expense, of course.

What does Kate Steinle get?  San Francisco didn’t protect Kate from an illegal alien, that’s for certain.  No, what Kate got was dead.  Neither was Kate the only victim; her father now gets to live out his life in severe emotional torment, sadness, and painful memories of a walk that turned into a tragedy.

I realize that sometimes bad things happen to good people, but I am rather amazed by the number of people in the United States who are able to place political ideology ahead of common sense.  My opinion is based on the following: San Francisco officials steadfastly refuse to hand illegal aliens over to federal authorities.  House and Senate Democrats refuse to enforce compliance with federal laws.  The smug-faced louts among us maintain that anyone standing for the safety of our citizens is in some way “anti-immigration.”  Such claims are so illogical that they defy comprehension.

I’m not sure I understand these attitudes among so many Americans.  I’m not asking for emotional attachment to the issue; I’m asking for common sense.  Should there be a difference in the way the law behaves if Kate were suddenly your daughter?  I think not; our laws must be designed to provide maximum protection to as many of our people as possible.  There is never a guarantee, of course … but offering encouragement to law-breakers, which is what a blind eye to illegal trespass really is, only places all of us in greater danger.

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9 Responses to A Price to Pay

  1. Kid says:

    What screams out at me here as I read each sentence is that liberals Do Not Care about the victims. They simply don’t and prove it minute after minute, day after day. I am to the point I don’t even think it would matter if Kate were Their daughter. They are that screwed up in the head.

    They must all be killed.

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    • Mustang says:

      I hear you. You could be right, Kid. Perhaps the left would be willing to sacrifice their own child on the altar of idiocy … amazing and revolting at the same time.

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  2. This is not a comment to contradict anything you said.
    I cannot.
    It’s almost off topic.
    I do have a philosophical question.
    We used to talk about Gitmo detainees and whether our guarantees of rights extend to non-citizens.
    What rights should Kate’s killer have in our judicial system?
    And why or why not?
    Of course, we know it should be an open and shut case in this instance, but what if his arrest had been the result of a long investigation in which there may have been more than one suspect? Reasonable doubt?


    • Mustang says:

      I think I have to begin answering your question with this: national armies are governed by universally recognized laws of war. Part of this is an easily recognized uniform, and certain behaviors that are tolerable during war time. This was no longer valid when we captured battlefield fighters who not part of any national army, not in uniform, and not accountable to anyone for their battlefield behavior. Plus, in an undeclared war we should wonder how one declares a war against a non-State? Where do you place “prisoners of war”? How can they be prisoners of war when there has been no declared war?

      We wanted to have the base at GITMO precisely to avoid having to drag combat terrorists through the US legal system, but the forces of evil (Obama) were determined to do just that. Lacking resolve by our national government to do that which is right and proper on behalf of the American people, there is now a large question in the minds of most slow-thinking citizens, about what to do with terrorists. This is not a philosophical question as much as one of practicality. The short answer is that you find these bastards, wherever they are, and kill them. The more violent their deaths, the better for America. The undeclared enemies of the American people have NO rights under our constitution.

      Kate’s murderer is an illegal alien. He has no right to be in our country, and yet, by the fact that he is here, and now faces criminal charges, entitles him to the protection of the Constitution. Note that an American illegally in Mexico, who commits a capital crime, does not have those same protections. It is a matter of reciprocity and yet another failure by the US government. We should have a treaty with Mexico that provides similar protections for our citizens who stand accused of crimes in their country. This is a foreseeable consequence of electing Democrats or GOP moderates to high office.

      In the case of Sanchez, there is little doubt that he murdered this young woman, but he is nonetheless entitled to his day in court. Who pays for this long, drawn-out trial? The citizens of California do … but they are the same people who elected Jerry Brown (four times), so I don’t feel sorry for them. I am sorry for Kate and her family … but it is as I said, the likely consequences of liberalism.

      Thank you for stopping by, Ed …

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  3. Imp says:

    I’m just so fed up, frustrated and sick over this girls death and the total slobbering and fawning over this murdering lowlife mestizo cholo 4th world scum. We’ve been invaded by the worst elements of the perpetually failed 3rd world and no one gives one damn about our lost national sovereignty. Our borders, outlaws and the refusal to obey them. I won’t say it here but with every push, we get closer to the end of our patience.

    But I predict the end of this country as we know it in under 20 years. The TV goes on and this mutts and thousands like him have their usual entourage of filthy slick lawyers in training, trailing this low life… and I want to go ballistic for Kate. With her family who can’t and will not ever see justice.

    I tend to Agree with Kid….those San Francisco supervisors with their cold stony hateful looks need to see a real life lesson. Just like Kate did.

    If Trump and Sessions don’t get busier he’ll lose his base soon. We want to see the law upheld…and we want to see elected officials and their Immunity from prosecution nullified. We want to see their smirks, their arrogance wiped off their faces and face jail time. Especially government workers that break the law, take the 5th and walk away with huge pensions. We’re sick of it. And sick of Holder, Lynch, Lerner, Rice, Mills, Podesta, Abaden Waters, Cummings, Lee, Feinstein, Pelousy,Schiff, Koskinen, Chucklehead Schumer, Donna Brazil, Franken, Debbie Wasserman Schmutz and above all else…Comey, Obama and their Queen of Spades…Hillary Rotten Clinton

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    • Mustang says:

      Amen, brother … but the question remains: when will the will of the people merge with the rule of law? When will we the people insist on justice?

      Be well, Imp.

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  4. I’ll never forget the words of the officer of the court when I attempted to get a settlement for the accident I had when an illegal alien under a deportation order for some 20 years (yet legally driving a yellow cab) rear-ended me at a four-way stop sign in 2005: “The sympathies of the court lie with the poor immigrant.” Therefore, I am not the least surprised that Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez has not yet been brought to trial.

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  5. Mustang,
    If there is justice, your judge will encounter the same illegal in the same way.

    It may be wicked of me, but that is my hope!


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